Art Glass Vases, Bowls, and Vessels

An overview of each Design Series for our functional glass vases, sculpted vessels, and blown bowls

The Strata Series, Translucent Strata Series, Opal Series, and Batik Series contain distinct design elements unique to each series of blown glasswork.

Both functional and non-functional, these works-of-art provide a stunning visual addition to any traditional or contemporary interior, home, office, or space.

Stephen Gartner blowing glass sculpture
Danielle Blade making handblown glass vase
Danielle Blade Strata glass vase
Danielle Blade blowing glass at Gartner Blade Studio

Unique characteristics from the glass blowing and glass color process, gives each piece a distinctive one-of-a-kind look and feel.

While glass art collectors covet our work for their personal collections, our hand-sculpted covered vases and vessels have also found homes as traditional urns for loved ones.

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