Contemporary Hand Blown Art Glass

Creating exquisite handcrafted glass lighting, vases, and sculpture

Hand blown glass vases shown in living room

Strata Series

Our Strata hand blown art glass series is inspired by natural geological formations. A rich opaque base color is overlaid with our signature design reminiscent of marble or rock strata. Available colors include blue, red amethyst, sage, tangerine, ruby, black, cobalt, and lime.

Pendant Lights

Our handmade glass pendants add visual depth and a luminous warm glow to any interior. The colors are stunning with the light either on or off. We include premium elegant hardware. Choose from a canopy mount, or a track adapter for standard track fixtures.

Glass Sculpture

Our solid sculpted glass work combines rich organic colors to hot molten glass. The complex hand-formed sculptures take inspiration from leaves, branches, tendrils, and roots. Select sculptures include custom metal display stand, or may be wll mounted.

Gartner Blade designs and creates contemporary hand blown art glass vases, vessels, glass pendant lights, and art glass sculpture. Our work is found in galleries and private collections worldwide.

We work with interior designers, art consultants, and glass collectors with a passion for glass. Our lighting products are each handcrafted using the highest quality materials


Pendants & Table Lamps

Our signature LED art glass Pendant Lights and Table Lamps are handcrafted using the finest materials and hardware. The layered depth of colors are stunning with the light on or off. Available in many color combinations and styles.

Glass pendant lights NYC installation
Turquoise glass table lamp with black shade
Handblown lidded glass vase from Opal series
Hand-blown glass art vessels from Batik series

Glass Vessels

Blown Vases, Bowls, & Vessels

Our handblown glass vases, bowls, and vessels take their inspiration from elements found in nature. Each vessel series has unique forms and features. Ornate hand-sculpted finial lids accompany select works found in each series.

Glass Sculpture

Hot Sculpted Glass Work

Our solid glass sculptural work. Rich organic colors are applied to molten glass and manipulated into complex forms inspired by leaves, branches, tendrils and roots. Select sculptures include custom metal display stand, or may be wall mounted.

Handmade solid glass sculpture Talisman amethyst and sage color
Art glass sculptural arbor leaf pair in ruby and topaz color
Glass Saturn oil lamps group
Ruby glass ikebana flower bowl with orchid floral arrangement

Ikebana & Oil Lamps

Ikebana Flower Bowls and Oil lamps

Our flower bowls are beautiful and functional. The larger size will support a substantial bouquet of cut flowers and other greenery. Our Saturn Oil Lamps are named for their shape and the beautiful ring of light they give off while burning.

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